What would you like to offer the world?

You-as-a-Service or YaaS is simply you doing you.  You doing your thing and what you do best.  You dialing things in and packaging up “You” for the world.  It’s about you serving others, you serving yourself, and you being paid for your amazing YOU service!

You-as-a-Service is about you finding an audience for those who can benefit the most from what you got to give.  It’s about privacy and sharing YOU on your terms.  It’s about making money and getting your fair share.  It’s about you being the best you can be in service of your world and to those around you.

We all hope that what we do is the best we got to give every day. Wishful thinking for many!

We built this platform as a way for people to share what they do best with others on their terms. To give people opportunities to apply themselves in ways that they don’t usually have the opportunity to so. To apply themselves in ways that they enjoy, and of course make some money while they do it! I hope entrepreneurs can get a jumpstart in doing the things they love with a little help from our WorkMates. We built this for YOU.

What is the “Y” in YaaS?

I’ve learned along this journey that simplicity is key. If we stripped away all the extraneous things except for your own skills, interests, values, and personality, then we start to paint an interesting (and very simplified!) picture of ourselves and what our own You-as-a-Service might be. In fact, this same diagram below is often used to represent your career:


To simplify things further, let’s take out personality and values since those are better served elsewhere. Does YaaS still stand on its own if we just look at skills and interests? Absolutely! But for fun, let’s add in something even wilder than interests: passions! Here is our You-as-a-Service sweet spot:

The YaaS Sweet Spot

Anyone who registers at WorkMates is invited to join the journey of creating their own You-as-a-Service.  It’s a guided journey with real people whose own YaaS is to help you do you. 

Our team will ask you about your skills, interests, and passions.  We don’t need to know your job title, your accreditations, your credit score, or place of domicile.  WorkMates believes in a world without borders, especially when it comes to sharing knowledge and expertise. Based on your skills and interests we will pick one of over 200 digital properties that we’ve already deployed that you can use for YOU.

Explore new horizons, pick a path.

A “.Live” website, a virtual private server with ample computing power for nearly anything you might like to throw at it, a self-hosted chat server with all the features and a fraction of the cost of competitors like Slack, and much more. All for about $20 a month total. Not per seat, not per head, but an all-up You-as-a-Service platform for you and your business for less than the cost of a round of lattes.

We offer a free guided experience for anyone who wants to create their own You-as-a-Service on the WorkMates platform.    And not free-in-the-way-that-we’re-going-to-harvest-or-sell-your-data kind of way  (we are a privacy-focused enterprise through and through and each YaaS service on WorkMates.Live agrees to the same).

This guided experience is driven through both the chat app that lives at https://workmates.live (please register if you haven’t already and let us know you’re interested in hosting your own You-as-a-Service), via e-mail, or even via SMS if that’s how you roll! Our platform is built on freedom of choice. You decide how you like to be notified, when and how you like to operate, how your data is used, and what you want to offer. This is YOUR service and you call the shots!

Join Us

In this 10-part series, we will explore You-as-a-Service. We will guide you along the same journey that we ourselves once took.  A journey of discovery and a quest to build something useful and guided by our mission to share with others the tips, tricks, and tools that any modern digital business can and should leverage.  That any entrepreneur can and should leverage.  That YOU can too!

In part-2 we will get a lay of the land.  WorkMates is spread across a vast swathe of the world wide Interwebs!  Our network comprises over 200+ “.Live” domains that are geared-up with all the latest in telecommunications technology.  Go big or go home, right? 

In part-3 and beyond we will go into some of this technology, all open-source, and ready to deploy for you and your own YaaS.  We will guide you through the process of deploying your very own self-hosted servers.  With your own server you’re in charge!  For a fraction of what most businesses pay per seat for very basic functionality (things like web-hosting, chat app, cloud storage, etc), you can self-host it all, with a little help from a friend (or a from a friendly WorkMate).

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