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How Paul from New Jersey connects with other travel enthusiasts worldwide on Travelers.Live and uses the chat platform to discuss travel-related subjects, share his travel stories and find like-minded people in real-time.

Wanting to go on a journey

Paul is a 28 year old worker from New Jersey who, due to the pandemic, has relayed all of his workload from the office to his home – and more specifically, to his laptop.

This partly freedom gave Paul the chance to dedicate more time to his passion of travelling and start planning a trip to Spain. Being an avid traveller, Paul wants to get the most out of his experience. That is why it is very important for him to connect with other people who share his interests.

Preparing for a new journey for Paul means to check out travel discussion forums to find information about destinations, find travel buddies for his trips, and to share his travel stories with others.

“For me, a journey doesn’t just begin when I’m at the airport with my suitcases packed. All of the preparation, including researching possible travel destinations, hotels and check offers for rental cars, is part of that process.”

Many travel discussion forums don’t offer a lot of value

Paul’s problem, however, was where to find the information and like-minded people for his planned trip to Spain. He tried different ways such as joining Facebook groups, visiting travel discussion forums, travel blogs, or trying to convince his friends to join him.

Yet, only disappointments awaited him.

“The various Facebook groups didn’t offer a lot of valuable conversation and most travel discussion forums I visited were dead with almost no interaction going on. There are plenty of good blogs about Spain which provide a lot of information but they offer no convenient way to ask questions and get timely answers from people with experience.”

Travelers.Live is your real-time Travel Discussion Forum

When finding a travel buddy becomes a challenge

Finding a travel buddy for his planned trip to Spain didn’t work out so well for Paul, either.

“I like to meet new people on my journeys. But it has to be the right person because otherwise it ruins the experiene – for both parties involved. Because of that, finding the right travel buddy is essential. Unfortunately, I know from experience that this is not always easy.”

Usually Paul first asks his friends to go on a trip with him. In this case, however, nobody was keen on joining him. So Paul tried finding a travel buddy on the Internet.

“Here I had the same problem as with my research about Spain before. There were a lot of people in different Facebook groups, but I had the feeling that they where more interested in showing off or trying to sell me stuff. I didn’t have a good feeling with anyone in there. I met few promising people in various forums, but the exchange with them was very slow, so nothing concrete came about. Meanwhile, time was ticking. That’s when I realized that I needed a more direct, faster way to connect with other travel enthusiasts. And that’s how I found Travelers.Live”

Travelers.Live connects traveler enthusiasts worldwide in real-time

Travelers.Live is a chat platform with 200 chat rooms for every country in the world. Here, people sharing their passion for travel can connect and exchange ideas with one another in real time.

Paul was immediately enthusiastic about the platform.

“I just signed up and joined some of the chat rooms. Within the general chats for counties there were various discussions going on, including one about finding travel buddies. In the matter of minutes I was talking to several other users about my travel plans, exchanging tips and sharing my travel stories with them .

Travelers.Live combines the benefits of a travel discussion forum with instant feedback. The platform is the perfect place to exchange experiences and tips about travel destinations and travel in general. The chat-based system offers benefits that other forums, travel discussion groups and blogs can’t offer.

“The great thing about it is that you get an immediate response from people sharing your interest. I wanted to know the best way to get from Madrid to Valencia and got an immediate response. I needed information about renting a car at Madrid Airport and someone had the answer instantly. It was great.”

On Travelers.Live Paul also managed to find a travel buddy for his trip to Spain. Susanna, a 26 year old lawyer from New York who had visited Spain as a college student, and was thinking about a second trip there.

“We hit it off immediately and met face to face after a few discussions in the chat room. A few weeks later we flew to Spain, where we had a wonderful time together.”

Both travelers are now part of a friendly and helpful community with people sharing their interests. Join Travelers.Live to connect with Paul and others to plan your next trip, share your travel stories and meet new friends.

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