The 9 Best Thailand Travel Tips for Women

Are you a woman planning a trip to Thailand and looking for information on whether it is safe for you to travel to the Land of Smiles? You are at the right place. My name is Lisa, and I travel the world for a living. During the last few years, I have traveled solo to a plethora of countries. I searched on the topic for more than two months and found the information available online on the internet very vague. Therefore, with my knowledge of the subject, I decided to write an article about the 9 best Thailand travel tips for women to help other female travelers plan their journey to this beautiful country.

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My 9 Thailand travel tips for women

Thailand is one of the most incredible destinations globally for female travelers, particularly first-time solo female travelers, in my opinion. There are several guidelines available, but they sometimes lack suggestions for women traveling safely.

These nine Thailand travel tips for woman will assist female travelers in making the most of their visit to the Land of Smiles while being safe and hassle-free.

1. Dress Appropriately (At the Appropriate Time)

Because most Thai people are Buddhist, even though other travelers may wear exposing apparel anywhere they choose, it is not the most appropriate way of dressing in Thailand. While wearing a bikini on the beach is perfectly OK, it is not recommended anywhere. Put on a few pairs of shorts and a T-shirt and head inside a store or bar.

It is essential to cover yourself in temples; therefore, bring a scarf or shawl with you to drape around your chest and shoulders when you approach these holy places. Ideally, you would wear a long dress or shorts here as well. Without the proper attire, you risk being halted at the door and denied entry to the shrine. The Royal family is also highly regarded in Thailand. Therefore, it is prudent to dress respectfully when exploring the palace or other Royal structures.

These are the 9 best Thailand Travel Tips for Women

2. Stay Away from Beaches at Night

At night, the beach is a highly open, unlit space, and crimes such as robbery can happen in these locations in Thailand, as well as everywhere else. This is true for both women and men in Thailand, but because women are sometimes viewed as more defenseless, it is especially vital to avoid them in the dark, especially if you are alone.

Bear this in mind, mainly when reserving your accommodations. You do not want to be directly on the beach, which means you will have to stroll near these places at night to go back to the hotel. Opt for lodging in more densely populated areas of town to ensure many other people around when you return home in the evening.

3. Find a female travel companion

While talking to other users on Travelers.Live, one of the most valuable Thailand travel tips for women I received was to find a female travel companion if you want to visit Thailand. Following the advice, I connected with other girls on the platform who were interested in visiting Thailand and luckily found one.

I would definitely advise you to do the same! Finding a female travel companion has several advantages:

  • Many situations in a foreign country are easier to cope with as a couple.
  • Traveling with others is much more fun.
  • The resulting friendships often last a lifetime.

4. Harassment Is Uncommon, But It Does Occur

As a female traveler in Thailand, you are unlikely to encounter catcalling or harassment in the same manner that you would go anywhere around the globe, although it is possible. Usually, when a man speaks to you unexpectedly on the street, it is indeed because you are in a tourist area and they are attempting to attract customers to their bar or restaurant. These interactions are not often sexual and can occur with either male or female travelers.

If you are harassed in a much more threatening manner when traveling alone, behave as you would in any other situation: ignore them, continue walking, and maintain your composure and confidence.

5. Always Keep an Eye on Your Stuff

Bag stealing, more precisely drive-by motorbike bag snatching, is a vexing issue in Thailand. That is precisely how it sounds, with someone approaching you on motorcycles, snatching your stuff, and fleeing before you can respond.

Avoid carrying your purse on your shoulder since this might result in the straps being cut. Avoid walking by the roadside, keep your phone in your front pocket, and if criminals do manage to get their hands on your bag, leave it alone and let them have it. It is pointless to engage in a conflict with someone about goods. Notify the police immediately and gather all necessary information and documentation to lodge claims on the travel insurance.

6. Find a local tour guide

Whenever I travel to a new country, I want to absorb as much of this experience as possible. As a tourist, however, it is naturally more difficult to have real experiences than for the locals, as they lack the knowledge of the area.

For this reason, I recommend everyone to organize a guide. For this trip, we found a local tour guide for Phuket and Bangkok. Our guide Chailai was the perfect choice and she showed us many hidden places and gave us insights into the real Thailand, far away from the big tourist centers.

7. Do Not Come into Contact with Monks

Buddhist monks are not permitted to touch women. It is improbable that a monk would sit close to a lady on a vehicle or other mode of transit in Thailand. You will encounter monks nearly everywhere in the nation, and this is something to keep in mind.

If you need to deliver anything to a monk:

  1. Place it on the ground or a tabletop for them all to pick up or offer it to a guy to give to them.
  2. If you board a bus and there is an open seat next to a monk, do not sit there, as this will require the monk to vacate their seat.
  3. Respect such customs when you travel across the country, and you are sure to get nothing but smiles.

8. Consider Your Footwear

Numerous locations in Thailand require visitors to remove their shoes before entry. Temples are a famous example; however certain government offices, stores, museums, and other institutions also need visitors to remove their shoes; having slip-on shoes may be practical for days of cultural tourism. However, if you want to go hiking, it is advised that you wear sturdy boots or sneakers. Flip flops are not the greatest footwear for climbing over waterfalls or for hiking through jungles.

Are you considering a visit to one of Bangkok‘s fancy sky bars or upscale restaurants? You will want to wear sensible footwear. Additionally, keep in mind that flip-flops are extremely dangerous during the rainy season! When packing your footwear, keep in mind your favorite activities.

9. Put On Sunscreen

Thailand’s tropical environment can be harsh, and excessive sun exposure can result in some very severe sunburns. March through June is Thailand’s hot season, and this is the most critical time to apply sunscreen – and enough of it. Sunscreen may be obtained in Thailand at reasonable costs for individuals who forget to carry it on their travels. Keep these suggestions in mind while you travel across Thailand, and you are sure to have a fantastic experience in the Land of Smiles.


If you are a female traveler like me and planning to visit Thailand, I hope all my tips and knowledge will help you with the preparation for your trip. As mentioned above, I highly recommend checking out Travelers.Live and visiting the chat rooms of the destinations you are most interested in (they have about 200 different chat rooms for every country). It’s a great place with a lot of helpful and very knowledgeable people from all over the world.

Have fun!