Bali Travel Guide for First Timers and Bali Solo Travelers

For many individuals, Bali is a magical destination. It is one of the world’s most famous islands, with great culture and beauty and a place that offers plenty of wonderful experiences. However, because it is a part of the Republic of Indonesia, Bali is still regarded as a developing nation. This causes some visitors to the island to feel uneasy when they arrive for the first time. Concerns about personal security, health, transport, and cultural decorum are natural. I wrote this article as a Bali travel guide for first timers where I want to share some of the most helpful travel tips. Among general advice I also want to share some insight for people who plan to solo travel Bali.

Bali Travel Guide for First Timers: Top Things to Know

Bali in a nutshell: Bali is by far the most popular travel destination in Indonesia. The regions of Kuta, Seminyak and Ubud in particular are extremely popular and often overcrowded. Significantly quieter and more beautiful corners are Amed, Candi Dasa or Singaraja. Bali has volcanoes, light sandy beaches, dark volcanic beaches, diving areas, breathtaking temples and much more.

Language: The national language of Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia. Balinese is also spoken in Bali. You are also getting on very well with English in Bali.

Travel time and weather: Bali has a tropical climate. So there is only thunderstorm or sun. The main season for traveling to Bali is in the months of July / August / September and December / January. However, December / January is the rainy season and it can rain a lot (but does not have to be).

What do I take with me when I travel to Bali for the first time?

As little as possible! Indonesia does not have any seasons as we know them. No matter if it is rainy or dry season, both are incredibly warm and humid. Therefore, you can pretty well do without packing warm clothes. Loose and airy are the attributes by which you should put your holiday wardrobe together.

The first days in Bali

An important advice for Bali first time travelers is to better steer clear of Kuta. It’s loud, dirty, touristy. Instead, you should directly go to Sanur to get used to the climate and the time change. The topic of climate in particular is really not without problems for those new to the tropics. While you can still stand it on the beach, it is very easy to work up a sweat as soon as you drive / walk / crawl inland. Sanur is a typical seaside resort, but you can relax and eat really well there. In general, the food in Bali is very tasty and, by western standards, incredibly cheap. Even as a vegetarian you get your money’s worth here. After a few quiet days in Sanur, you should explore other parts of the island

Bali Travel Guide for First Timers: All you need to know when traveling to Bali

Explore the island

When traveling to Bali for the first time, you realize pretty quickly that you can’t get very far on foot – too hot, too humid, the distances too far. You can rent a scooter, but I strongly advise against it here. The roads are not very good, there are many accidents and the police are corrupt and often stop tourists and issue tickets for questionable facts. So you should hire a driver. You will probably find that idea pretty absurd. And yet it is a great way to explore the island. Thanks to the air conditioning in the car, you are not so exhausted at the end of the day. With your personal driver, you will experience a lot on the island. Waterfalls, rice fields, coffee plantations, many different temples, great little lunch stands that you might otherwise have passed etc.

General Bali Travel Tips for First Timers: Plan Your Journey Thoroughly

For a first timer on Bali, it is critical to plan what activities or excursions you will undertake during stay on the island. Are you more interested in indoor and outdoor activities? There are several activities available in Bali, reaching from relaxing activities like staying in a beach resort to adventure hikes to waterfalls in the jungle. Therefore, select activities that will enhance your comfort and happiness throughout your Bali trip.

5 Tips For Solo Travelers to Bali

1. Stay in A Hostel to Save Money and Meet new People

Staying at a hostel is one of the most exemplary solo travel ideas. They enable you to encounter other travelers throughout your stay, which is one of the primary benefits of traveling alone! Additionally, hostels are an excellent method to save cash on vacation and stretch a budget. Also, Airbnb’s are an excellent option, particularly when looking for a place to live in Bali. Generally, you can get a magnificent and lovely house for a low price.

2. Solo Travelers to Bali Should Consider Buying a Sim Card

To ensure a convenient journey, you may require a local sim card or hire a 4G LTE wifi device. It is not prohibitively costly and is relatively easy to locate in Bali. You may get one in roadside stores or even at the airport. Use Telkom’s for the best experience. It is universally recommended and a great choice while solo traveling in Bali!

3. Exchange Your Money at an Approved Money Changer

Another useful Bali travel tip that is often overlooked. If you are in Bali, you will require IDR currency. While there are several money changers in Bali, it is recommended that you visit an approved money changer such as The Central Kuta or Maspintjinra Money Exchange. Typically, they offer the most up-to-date and competitive prices. They charge no commissions and provide excellent service and security.

4. Download Maps to Your Phone for Offline Use

When you travel to a new location, one of the first things you need to do is download an offline map of the region you will be visiting. That is because as a solo traveler in Bali you never know when you will enter an area with no network coverage or Wi-Fi.

5. Respect Indigenous Customs and Beliefs

Indonesians are religiously varied people. Most people in Java are Muslim, while most people in Bali are Hindu. Bear this in mind while you travel around Indonesia and be sure to research the local customs on each island you plan to visit.

In Bali, you should be aware of the little religious offerings put on the ground and across the area and avoid disturbing them. Additionally, you must wear a sarong and (in some instances) a hip scarf to visit temples. Additionally, women are not permitted to attend temples when menstruating.

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The above mentioned are some of the best tips while traveling to Bali for the first time with friends and family or for the solo travel Bali. These tips will assist you very much while planning your journey. Also, if you are looking for more information while planning your trip I highly recommend you visit, a travel chat platform where you can get connected with different people from all over the world who have already visited the island and get Bali travel tips and from them.

I hope my guide will help you in planning your trip. Have a safe journey.